Kenya Evangelical Rural and Urban Development Outreach

What is KERUDO?

KERUDO began its ministry under the leadership and founder Bishop Rev. Yusuf Gowi Okumu in 1996. It is committed to promoting the holistic development of the poor and needy people in Kenya's churches both in the rural and urban areas and especially the Maasai people in Kenya. Through evangelistic spiritual nurture as well as practical assistance KERUDO has been able to improve their spiritual, social, physical and economic well being of the people.

The Maasai

They are among the most underprivileged groups of people in Kenya. Being still significantly nomadic, with no permanent homes, they tend animals in remote areas that are often plagued by drought, after which they have to sell their animals at throwaway prices to buy food to survive. They are malnourished and, because of the lack of water, they do little about sanitation and are consequently riddled with diseases that are water-bone.