Kenya Evangelical Rural and Urban Development Outreach

Ministry Activities

Rev. Sylvance, three paid staff and five volunteers:

  • Reaching out to the Maasai community and the unreached people groups.
  • Planting of churches.
  • Providing spiritual nurture in Bible study groups and discipleship classes.
  • Medical Mobile Clinic whenever funds are available.
  • Training workshops in nutrition, health education, and counselling of married couples.
  • Famine relief whenever funds are available.
  • Training of church workers, evangelists and community leaders.

In the year 2002, KERUDO gave out 50 goats to 50 orphans. Currently, the programme has now given 1000 goats to 1000 orphans. Some of the orphans who got a goat each have now completed high school. KERUDO also gave sanitary towels to the girls who would miss coming to school during their menstrual cycles.

As one of our objectives is to do a holistic ministry, by the grace of God we have planted four new churches since the year 2015. Every year, we hold seminars for pastors and their wives’ so that we equip them for the work of the ministry.

The financial support we have received so far helped us to pay tuition and boarding fees, buy food, beddings, exercise books, pens, crayons, sanitary towels for the girls, carpentry tools and dressmaking machines. There are instances where we have financial support from well-wishers to buy medicines to treat the children, teachers, the non-teaching staff and the community around the school. The needs are enormous; please pray with us that God will continue to supply the finances. The school now has a total of 113 pupils, 10 teachers, and 18 support staff. The sponsored children to date are 7 and we trust God to give us more people to sponsor the remaining children. Education in Kenya is not cheap; hence, KERUDO always sources funds from well-wishers to support these children.

The communities in Kenya have not fully accepted the deaf community; therefore, KERUDO plays a very important role in making sure that these children attain formal education as well as vocational training. At the beginning of this year 2019, Lambwe Christian School for the Deaf started a high school section within the same premise. The school registered 9 students in this great milestone. We are requesting partners and well-wishers to support the activities of KERUDO so that we enhance the livelihood of children with hearing impairment.

With the financial support that KERUDO received, the school has been able to set up a vocational training centre for dressmaking where these kids have the opportunity to learn how to make their own school uniforms. The school has a plan of equipping the centre fully so that it can make uniforms even for other neighbouring schools.

The school also prides herself of having a carpentry workshop, which trains young learners so that they may be self-supporting in future. Some of the learners might not be good with books but are able to do carpentry. KERUDO hired a carpentry instructor whom we would give some financial allowance. However, the funds to continue paying him are running out and soon we might engage as regularly as we would have wanted.