Kenya Evangelical Rural and Urban Development Outreach



Last year I wrote to you what God has accomplished through KERUDO over the years and we give God the Glory. This year we celebrated 12 years of God’s faithfulness to our ministry amongst the poor of the poorest in our society. I must confess that the going has not been easy but with God’s help we can look back and thank God that we have been able to change lives of people in one way or another.

The beginning of this year was very rough for Kenyans because of the stolen presidential votes. Many people lost their lives, others lost livelihood, others lost their homes when those who were rioting burnt them down. Many Kenyans became refugees in their own country. Since Kenya is an agricultural country and our long rains for planting food crops come usually between February and April, this year it came but people were unable to dig their farms and get them ready for planting. This has partly put us in the situation that we are going through as a country because the country is facing real acute shortage of food. As this was not enough, world fuel prices went up and this has caused food prices and prices of essential commodities to shoot up four times.

Inflation which was 17% in April 2008 has risen to 31% in August 2008. Now our hope is only God who alone will rescue this land from our politicians who were 70% the causes we are going through now.

But today more than ever in this country, food of the physical kind, and nourishment of the spiritual sort are in great demand. Prices of rice, wheat and maize have shot up now by more than 40%. It is said that this is a combination of climate change, unrelenting poverty and increasing economic pressure.

When I pray about world issues, I think of God’s perfect creation and I ask Him to make us compassionate, to make us understanding, and to make us willing to do whatever it takes to rid our planet of poverty and its scars.

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