Kenya Evangelical Rural and Urban Development Outreach



What is Missions?

Missions is first all about God, His redemptive purposes and his intention that there be worshippers at His throne from every people group on earth. God is the main character of the Bible and His missionary heart is the unifying theme. Majority of the people worldwide tend to think that missions is all about getting people to the mission field. This is an important part of the
picture, and we do work vigorously to mobilize people to go. But the vital thing is to be doing the most strategic work in the smartest way possible. You can work very hard to get a lot of people to climb a ladder, only to find that it is leaning against the wrong wall. The cause of Christ needs some good information and good strategies in order to succeed. In every area of life, whether it is in the realms of business, sports or mission outreach, success is not achieved by just deploying a lot of people. Success is achieved by having competent well informed leaders who have the key information and strategic insights needed to guide them to accomplish their goals.

This is what KERUDO works to provide to the people of Kenya both in the urban slums and rural, remote areas of this country through our various ministries and programmes. Good information and effective strategies are what the cause of Christ need on a daily basis to bring the Gospel to every tribe, tongue and nation. We need to know which strategies and methods work and which ones may not. Often the most popular strategies are precisely the ones that don’t work and cause the most harm. This is the kind of work that KERUDO over the years have been carrying on to promote the cause of the gospel to the poorest people of Kenya. During the year 2009, we’ve been focusing on missions and every programme has been geared towards
this theme as per God’s word in Matt.25:31-46. We therefore give glory to God who alone has enabled me and my staff both in the office and the ones in the field to do the work of service to God’s people through God’s guidance.

When the year started some of our workers were attacked by the devil through various ailments and sicknesses. As for me I lost my voice and had to go through the surgeon’s knife, for the swelling noodle to be removed. The hospital fee was more than I could imagine, but thank God, He provided funds mysteriously through friends. I was then put on medication for six months and every two months when I went for check-ups, the doctor prescribed medicines that cost a lot of money. But in all these, I’ve no complains for I have seen God’s faithfulness.

During the month of September 2009, our nurse had a black out as she was coming out of her house to come to work. She collapsed at her doorstep, then a good Samaritan neighbour drove her to the hospital where she stayed for 9 hours before regaining consciousness. The doctor reported to us that she had a mild stroke. She stayed in hospital for almost a month. Her
hospital bill was shocking and completely high. We’ve cleared most of it and trust that our God will continue to give us the funds to offset the remaining outstanding bill. She is now out of danger, she can talk and she’s moving her limbs a little and we trust God that she’ll get her full health back soon. We desire your continued prayers for Grace.

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