Kenya Evangelical Rural and Urban Development Outreach

What are the major challenges this ministry faces?

1. Water is the single greatest physical need of the Maasai, and with sufficient clean water for daily bathing, many diseases could be eliminated. One solution to the problem has been to dig out circular reservoirs or dams to catch and hold water during the rainy seasons.

2. The mobile Medical Clinic workers travel throughout the region treating the people, and they have introduced preventative care. They have successfully helped stop outbreaks of typhoid and cholera.

3. The AIDS scourge
Aids is now the biggest killer disease more than malaria. Many children aged 9-13 have remained to be the head of families. KERUDO is involved in prayers, financial support and education in four of these homes. The situation is pathetic.

4. The Deaf Children
We started the only school of its kind in this remote rural area taking late starters 10-15 years. It is the only school of its kind in Western Kenya. We now have only 25 pupils because of inadequate resources. There are 15 children on the waiting list. The school is four years old.

5. Discipleship and Lay Leadership Training
In Maasailand, we need to train 25 evangelists but only seven have been trained to date. The church in Kenya is knee deep in scriptures. We have therefore designed a discipleship training manual which has been going on for the last two years and the need of training is enormous hence my appeal to you to partner together with me in this area.

6. Evangelism and Church Planting
When KERUDO first stepped in Maasailand in 1996, there was no single church. Now we speak of six churches with over 400 believers. Evangelism is the lifeline of the church. Our plan is to plant two new churches annually amongst the unreached people groups.

7. Poverty Alleviation
Kenyan economy has been growing from bad to worse over the last three years. First it was El Nino, then La-Nina, then there were massive job layoffs both in the government sector and among church based organizations, our currency has been devalued twice in a year, and AIDS that is rendering families destitute. The list is long. KERUDO has therefore decided to move decisively and give hope to the people. This we do through training people in job skills, giving them seeds to plant and teaching them that the answer in all these is found only in the Lord Jesus Christ who bore all our problems on His body and who is now interceding for us before God the Father.