Kenya Evangelical Rural and Urban Development Outreach

Dear WDA Prayer and Financial Supporters and Friends,


May I inform you that I will be visiting USA between 25 October to 4th December 2006 to raise funds for the above vehicle costing Kshs.1.5million (an equivalent of US$20,000-00). The one I have which I bought in 1998 is now too old and is costing us a lot in repairs.

This car is priority need and it is an 8-seater vehicle double cabin. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays every week, I drive it to the hills and valleys of Rift Valley carrying medicines and treating Maasai people. While there, it also serves as an ambulance for pregnant mothers taking them to the nearest Government hospitals for delivery as well as taking terminally ill patients who cannot be treated by our two nurses to Government hospitals to see a doctor.

On Saturdays, this vehicle is used for hospital's and prison's visitations and preaching. On Sunday morning it takes me and my family to church while Sunday afternoons it transports PA System to the crusade grounds for evangelism and soul winning missions.

I'm requesting that you see this as a real priority need. Kindly give me both your house phone number and cellular phone so that I can talk to you personally during my visit later this year.

I'm therefore requesting you to prayerfully read this letter, save something little for this noble cause, send whatever you can prior to my arrival in USA to Maureen Olvey of WDA Headquarters offices informing her that it is for the purchase of the van, then I will collect that money from her in November 2006. I'm trusting God that I will come back to Kenya with US$20,000-00 and buy the van before Christmas 2006.

Once again, thank you for standing with me over the year with your prayers and finances. You personally has been a real blessing to my ministry and may the good Lord bless you richly as per His Word - I Cor.15:58.

Yours for Calvary,

Bishop Yusuf Gowi Okumu.

Note: I'm therefore trusting God that all my WDA Supporters and friends will sacrificially raise this amount for the purchase of this vehicle.

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