Kenya Evangelical Rural and Urban Development Outreach


Bicycles and Motorcycles for our evangelists in Maasailand and remote Rural Kenya


The Kenya Evangelical Rural and Urban Development Outreach (KERUDO) was created to continue an ongoing work among the Maasai and remote rural Kenya. The main project strategies include training and development in health education, family life, general agriculture, sanitation, water resources and income-generating activities.  Workers go out to meet families, holding village health meetings and going to individual homes. These demonstrations for love and concern open doors for the sharing of Christ and planting churches among them.

The Maasai, a tall, lean people, are still significantly nomadic, with no permanent homes. They tend animals in remote areas that are often plagued by drought. Their frequent movement offers little opportunity for education, or the development of social and economic skills. Their land is infested with flies, they are malnourished, and know little about sanitation which causes disease to flourish. Malaria, anthrax, dysentery, and eye disease are common. Maasai evangelists and our rural evangelists have been trained to teach Scriptures, Christian principles of life, and accompany medical caregivers. The Jesus Film is shown monthly in different homestead as part of the ministry's evangelistic communication.


Outreach to these nomadic tribal people began with a Mobile Medical Clinic in 1995. Since then a variety of projects have evolved to reach the Maasai community with training in areas of health care, food economy, and water sanitation. In the Ngong area, there is a significant Maasai presence, which can be reached from a central office/supply center.

Since the Maasai-speaking evangelists travel many miles to reach their people, the ministry is requesting bicycles and motor-cycles for them. The bicycles will provide transportation I areas where there is no public transport. The infrastructure of the Ngong area is primitive and bicycles and motor-cycles will reduce travel time significantly for the evangelists. They will be able to spend more time in reaching families with the Gospel through health education and literacy work.


Your gift will increase time spent in implementing program activities and help the workers to reach the remaining 220 homesteads with the Gospel. The ministry is requesting two motor-cycles and 10 bicycles for the evangelists.

         10 bicycles @ costs US$100.00 each       US$1,000.00

         2 Motor-cycles @ US$3,000.00 each        US$6,000.00

       Total cost                                                  US$7,000.00