Kenya Evangelical Rural and Urban Development Outreach


Computer Equipment for KERUDO - Maasai Project Kenya


The Kenya Evangelical Rural and Urban Development Outreach (KERUDO) was created to continue an ongoing work among the Maasai and Kenyan Churches countrywide. As the work has expanded, the need for computer equipment has become a priority.


This project will enable the ministry to become more efficient in data management, and in completing all their work on time. The quality and quantity of work accomplished will increase as will their ability to communicate since they will be connected to e-mail and have internet access.

Increasing the capacity of the local churches to do ministry in both rural and urban areas of Kenya has been a long-standing goal, and this computer equipment will help realize that goal. A lack of clear, rapid communication can slow down information exchanges and sometimes prevent ministry from occurring. By effective relating the needs of the Maasai community - such as food and relief in times of drought - KERUDO will be enabled to draw in support from churches and other aid organizations.


There are considerable custom's charges on most equipment brought into Kenya. Therefore, even though the costs are high in Kenya, it is more economical to purchase the equipment there. However, laptops can be brought into the country duty-free, so they will be purchased in the US to save costs.

Computer equipment needed are:

    • Desk-top computer     US$3,600.00
    • Lap-top computer       US$2,500.00
    • Total Cost                   US$6,100.00