Kenya Evangelical Rural and Urban Development Outreach


Discipleship and Leadership Training Seminars


The Kenya Evangelical Rural & Urban Development Outreach (KERUDO) has been working among the Maasai, Rural Kenya and Urban poor, since 1995. Twenty training seminars are planned from January 2001 to December 2005 in order to raise awareness among the staff on the importance of education and develop higher levels of literacy. Maasai community leaders, Maasai speaking evangelists in Maasailand will receive instruction. We've also discovered that the church in Kenya is knee-deep in Scriptures. KERUDO has designed a Discipleship Training Manual for Lay Leaders, Pastors, Evangelists, Youth and Women Leaders all over the country.


The purpose of this project is to improve the welfare of Maasai people by providing health education and training to community health workers, building the leadership and management capacity of the staff, and enabling the KERUDO staff and field evangelists to be more fully involved emotionally, spiritually, and mentally with those to whom they minister. Ultimately, the goal is for the holistic Gospel to be manifested in every individual's life.

One aspect of health education for the Maasai people is for the workers to make them aware of the difficult and long treatment duration required to help or heal many infections. For example, opportunistic skin infections often require weeks or months of treatment to effect improvement, depending on how long the person has been affected and the degree of damage to skin. It is a challenge for these illiterate, nomadic people to understand the working of modern medicine. Thus it is important for workers to identify with people in their pain and maintain a continuing relationship.

The training mainly focuses on building a strong church in Kenya. This course has six modules lasting three and half years to complete. We have already enrolled students from different churches and denominations in Maasailand, Central Kenya, Nairobi, Eastern Kenya, Coast and Western Kenya. This is a two-week residential course after every three months. The rest of the studies, the students do on their own in their various churches.

The modules are:

    • Laying the foundation: understanding the church and how it grows.
    • Building the walls: lessons on prayer, leadership, keeping accounts.
    • Fitting the windows: stewardship, discipleship, sound biblical truths.
    • Building the beams: evangelism, missions, and spiritual gifts.
    • Putting on the roof: women ministry, youth ministry, orphans/widows e.t.c.

Seminars focus on Christian witnessing, spiritual nurture of the poor along with health and nutritional needs, and improving the social and economic welfare of people in both rural and urban areas in Kenya. Instruction of effective utilization of local resources in Kenya promoted along with a participatory approach in community-based programmes. Functional literacy for youths, adults, and especially women is another topic.


The cost of training staff and evangelists, community leaders, rural and urban leaders, field evangelists, church workers and heads of families for five years is US$10,000.00 which the ministry is asking our prayer and financial partners/donors to contribute. The participants produce their own transport and meals locally.