Kenya Evangelical Rural and Urban Development Outreach


Medical Equipment and Supplies for KERUDO


The Kenya Evangelical Rural and Urban Development Outreach (KERUDO) was created to continue an ongoing work among the Maasai. The Maasai population in Ngong are the beneficiaries of this project as disease transmission can be significantly reduced with preventive care and prompt treatment. An outbreak of typhoid and cholera this year, along with other disease that are rampant in the area - malaria, eye/ear infections, sexually transmitted diseases have necessitated the hiring of three extra medical personnel. The work schedule has also increased from three to four days a week due to the influx of patients. As from the year 2000, the Mobile Medical Clinic now goes to Migori, 750km. from Nairobi and Lambwe Deaf School another 500km. away from Nairobi. The demand is so enormous and with time and God on our side, will continue to serve Kenyans irrespective of colour, religion or creed.


Outreach to these nomadic tribal people began with a Mobile Medical Clinic in 1995. Since then a variety of projects have evolved to reach the Maasai community with training in areas of health care, food economy, and water sanitation. The Mobile Medical Clinic team continues to do a tremendous job in bringing both cholera and typhoid under control. In Ngong area, there is a significant Maasai presence, which can be reached from a central office/supply center. Medical equipment and supplies readily available in this center assists both the support staff in distribution and the Maasai of Ngong Division in Kajiado District as well as other parts of the country as services are promptly available to them. The Evangelists, the Social Worker and Volunteer contributes significantly to the health and general welfare of the people in their remote parts of the country where no government medical practitioners have ever reached since creation of the world.


1.     We have identified a piece of land to put up a health center; the architect has drawn and given the cost of this center.

2.    Purchase of a good semi-second hand 4-wheel vehicle costing US$12,000.00 and this is a priority need that must be addressed urgently.