Kenya Evangelical Rural and Urban Development Outreach


Relief and Supplies for KERUDO


The Kenya Evangelical Rural and Urban Development Outreach (KERUDO) was created to continue an ongoing work among the Maasai, the urban poor and the rural folks in Kenya where harsh weather conditions such as winds or fire sometimes destroy the temporary homes of these nomadic people during times of drought, and they are unable to harvest any crops. Even in good weather years when crops can be raised, they are often eaten by wild animals or destroyed by army worms that invade their fields. This has repeatedly happened in urban centers and rural and remote areas of Kenya.


The Maasai have been experiencing famine due to drought and this project will enable the ministry to provide food supplies for 1,000 Maasai families, slum dwellers, and rural poor who live in the remote parts of the country. Only those affected families who are seriously affected and in dire need will be assisted. The compassion of Christ will be demonstrated in word and deed, as the Gospel is proclaimed while clothes and food and essential commodities are distributed.

Places of greatest need in Maasailand are: -

         Enkusero Sampu, Lingered, Ilkilorit, Saigeri, Lodariak, N.P.C, and Kimuga.

         A school for deaf children in Lambwe on the shores of  Lake Victoria in Western Kenya, Ngong Street Children Rehabilitation and Evangelism Center in Kajiado District, Nyalunya Orphanage Home and Wasare Heart to Heart Home in Nyando District, Suba Orphanage Home in Suba District.

         Each place will receive 50 to 60 bags of Maize, 30 bags of Beans, 5 bags of Sugar, 10 cartons of Cooking Fat, and 5 cartons of Salt. Cartons of assorted medicines will also be given to each of the 12 centers.